The Website is divided into the following 11 Main Subjects:
 Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank  The history of the BMB's predecessor
 HISTORY OF THE BIRMINGHAM MUNICIPAL BANK  September 1st 1919 to November 20th 1979
 Annual Reports
The reporting of the Bank's progress and various other aspects of its management
 were dealt with through three main channels:
 - Published Reports
 - Reports to the City Council
 - Internal Reports
 Transfer of Accounts from BCSB to BMB  The Transfer of 21,482 Accounts with Balances totalling 325,411
 The First Day: September 1st 1919  Branch Daily Cash returns for the first day of business
 The Bank's First Depositor  Newspaper articles re Broad Street's First Deposit and
    the Bank's First Depositor (BCSB and BMB)
 The Bank in 1920  The BMB's progress in Year 1
 The Bank in 1927  The BMB's progress to March 31st 1927
 The Bank in 1939  The BMB's progress to March 31st 1939
 The Bank in 1949  The BMB's progress to March 31st 1949
 The Bank in 1959  The BMB's progress to March 31st 1959
 The Bank in 1969  The BMB's progress to March 31st 1969
 The Bank in 1979  The BMB's progress to November 20th 1979
 Britain's First  Municipal Savings Bank  Book by the BMB's first General Manager: J P Hilton
 The History of the House Purchase Department  The establishment and early development of this aspect of the Bank
 Retrospect  The history of the Bank as related in November 1933
 "The Birmingham Municipal Bank" by J P Hilton  1926 article by the Bank's first General Manager
 The Bradbury Committee  Published report of the committee to examine Municipal Savings Banks
 "The Case for Municipal Banks" by J P Hilton  Article written shortly after the publication of the report of The Bradbury Committee
 Committee on Municipal Savings Banks  Comments by the Bank's Committee re The Bradbury Committee's report
 Extension of Municipal Savings Banks  Demand for Municipal Banking in other towns
 Rapid Growth of Municipal Bank  An article written in 1935 by the Bank's Chairman: Councillor A H Cooper
 Branch Openings by Year  Year-by-Year summary of number of branches
 The Page Committee to Review National Savings  The impact on the Bank of this 1973 report
 Whatever Happened to the Municipal Bank
 From Birmingham Municipal Trustee Savings Bank at November 20th 1979,
    to eventually become part of the Lloyds TSB Group
 What Came Before the Municipal Bank
A brief history of the UK's Savings Banks (1810 to 1864),

    and its relevance to the opening and closure of the

    BIRMINGHAM SAVINGS BANK (1827 to 1864)

 Birmingham Savings Bank
A detailed history of this short-lived Savings Bank
    that commenced business in 1827;
    and was formally wound-up in 1864
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 Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank   The Legislation, Regulations, and Rules relating to the BMB's predecessor
 Birmingham Corporation Act, 1919  The authority for Birmingham Corporation to establish a savings bank
 Rules for the Birmingham Municipal Bank, 1919  The Rules relating to the commencement of the BMB
 Birmingham Municipal Bank Regulations, 1925  The first combined set of Rules and Regulations
 Birmingham Municipal Bank Regulations, 1928  An amendment to enable the Bank to take deposits from Societies
 Birmingham Municipal Bank Regulations, 1929  Amendments re Withdrawal Limits and Mortgage Administration
 Birmingham Municipal Bank Regulations, 1930  A new standard set of Regulations
 Birmingham Municipal Bank Regulations, 1941  Amendment to Regulation 71 (Investment of Funds)
 Birmingham Municipal Bank Regulations, 1946  Changes re: annual limit and aggregate limit on deposits; interest rate on deposits
 Birmingham Municipal Bank Regulations, 1947  Clarification of 1946 limits; Extracts from appropriate Acts of Parliament
 Birmingham Municipal Bank Regulations, 1949  Amendment to Regulation 71 (Investment of Funds)
 Birmingham Municipal Bank Regulations, 1952  Increase in maximum limit for Deposits
 Birmingham Municipal Bank Regulations, 1957
 Supplemental regulations re the new No 2 Department
 Regulation 67: Death Duties
 Birmingham Municipal Bank Regulations, 1960  Amendments to limits re Deposits and Withdrawals 
 Birmingham Municipal Bank Regulations, 1970  A complete rewrite of the Regulations, in a revised format
 Branch Instructions  The branch procedure manual issued in 1960
 Account Types  The various Savings and Investment products offered by the Bank
 Account Conditions  Details of the limits governing Deposits and Withdrawals etc
 Numbering of Accounts   Details of the systems used to number depositors' accounts;
     and for the identification of branches
 Depositors' Ledgers
 Examples of entries extracted from the ledgers of certain branches:
 Passbooks (Depositors' Department)  Examples of passbooks issued to depositors
 Passbook Examples
 Interest Calculations  Description of method used prior to computerisation
 Interest Rates  Record of Interest Rates Paid and the 'Bank Rate'
 Loans free of Interest and Determination of Needs
 Committee report regarding two wartime issues
      of importance to depositors
 Introduction of the No 2 Department  How the tax-concession product came into being
 Introduction of the No 3 (Special Investment) Department  Early attempts to open a Department with a higher rate of interest
 Branch Accounting and Procedures  Description of Accounting Procedures at Branches
 Accounts of Deceased Depositors  How the Bank dealt with the accounts of Deceased Customers
 Nominations  How Depositors could nominate a person to receive a sum on death
 Administration of 1919 Regulation 35 (3):
    How the Bank dealt with applications for withdrawals
    from this type of account in 1925 to 1927
 How the Bank administered these types of account
 Direct Transfer Scheme (DTS)  Scheme to credit Depositors' accounts with their wages etc
 Payment of Wages Scheme (Bournville Works)  An early form of Direct Transfer Scheme
 Growth of Balances  Statistics re Total Deposit Balances
 Department Balances: 1957 to 1979  Analysis of Balances from the opening of the No 2 Department in 1957
 The History of the House Purchase Department  The background to this unique facility offered by a Savings Bank
 House Purchase Statistics  Advances and Repayments analysed by Amount and Number
 Mortgage Interest Rates  Historical record of interest rates charged to mortgagors
 Interest Calculations
 Description of method used prior to computerisation
 The First Five Years
 Description of the development of the House Purchase Department
      in the years 1919 to 1924
 Other House Purchase Schemes
 The schemes operated at Bolton, Burnley, and Ilford
     - investigated by the Bank in 1919
 The House Purchase Department in 1927  Development of the House Purchase Department from 1919 to 1927
 House Purchase Arrears 1927/28  Report by the General Manager to the House Purchase Sub-Committee
 Transfer of Solihull Mortgages - 1937  The BMB's takeover of Solihull Council's house purchase loans
 Mortgage Lending - 1950  A booklet issued by the Bank in June 1950
 Working in the House Purchase Department in the 1960s  The recollections of Eric Bignell
 The Trials of a Mortgage Applicant  Norman Worwood describes mortgage applications in the 1950/60s
 The House Purchase Department in 1969  Article written for the Bank's Golden Jubilee in 1969
 An article for the Journal of the Savings Banks Institute (1972)
 Miscellaneous Reports to the City Council  Reports by the Bank's Management Committee: 1922 to 1954
 Other Mortgage Schemes  Alternative types of loans
 Assisted Housing Scheme  Joint Report regarding the Sale of Municipal Houses
 A Speculative Builders' Opinion on the Housing Problem  Reproduction of part of a leaflet that included praise for the BMB
 Mortgage Lending as a TSB  Reference to the Trustee Savings Banks Act, 1978
 Passbooks (House Purchase Department)  Examples of passbooks used to record mortgage transactions
 Valuers  Names of the Valuers appointed by the Bank
 Loans made under the Land Settlement (Facilities) Act, 1919
 Lord Mayors  ex-officio members of the Bank's Committee of Management
 Chairmen  Details of the Chairmen of the Committee of Management
 Committee  Names and dates of service of all Committee members
 Senior Management
 Details of the Bank's senior officers 
 Branch Management  Limited information regarding the Managers of individual branches
 Lady Branch Managers  The role played by women during after the Second World War
 Managerial Appointments  Limited information regarding appointments
 Management and Officials  The Bank's Solicitor, Treasurer, etc
 Management in 1969  An article written for the Bank's Golden Jubilee
 The Management of Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank  Details of Committee Meetings and Members' attendance
 The Management of Birmingham Municipal TSB  The period April 1st 1976 to November 20th 1979
 Committee Reports to the City Council  Details of Reports by the Bank's Management Committee
 Annual Reports
 External and Internal Reports produced by the Bank's Management
   Committee and the General Manager
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