Computer Style Passbook and Statement
Examples of stationery issued to customers
that was used to record their transactions
(1) Passbook designed to be updated in a computer terminal
Depositors' Dept.
The Account Number relating to this style of passbook was entered between the pre-printed dots. The first six digits of the Account Number indicate the Sort Code of the branch - the first two always being '77' for a savings bank in England and Wales. The next six digits formed the 'stem' of the Account Number, which was followed by a digit indicating the type of account and a check digit - see
Numbering of Accounts.
The name of the branch was also entered on the inside front cover, but was hidden by the transaction pages when these were open as shown above.
The inside rear cover of the Passbook listed the most common Transaction Codes generated by the computer system against individual transactions.
(2) Statement printed by a centralised computer
The statement reproduced below relates to a Cheque Account. In this case the '77' part of the branch's Sort Code is omitted from the Account Number, and details of Transaction Codes are provided at the foot of the statement