Articles regarding the Birmingham Municipal Bank's predecessor,
which commenced business on September 29th 1916;
ceased to take deposits on October 31st 1919;
and was formally wound-up on November 17th 1919

The history of the Birmingham Municipal Bank (BMB) is inextricably linked with its immediate predecessor: the Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank (BCSB). It was the efforts of Neville Chamberlain and others to provide a savings facility for the citizens of Birmingham during the First World War that led to the setting up of the BCSB. This short-lived bank paved the way for the BMB, and the struggle to establish it was therefore the struggle to establish the BMB.


This section of the website expands on the brief summary of that struggle as described in the History of the Birmingham Municipal Bank

 The scheme that Neville Chamberlain brought  to the attention
 of the City's Finance Committee in 1916
 The section of J P Hilton's book that described the history of the Bank
 The basic saving system used
 Extracts from three Personal Ledgers that recorded transactions on
 Accounts numbered 1 to 2,000
 Personal Ledger that held accounts that did not conform to normal procedures
 The formal process to wind-up the temporary Bank
 Council meetings held on October 7th 1919 and May 3rd 1921
 21,482 Accounts with Balances totalling 325,411
 The Municipal Savings Banks (War Loan Investment) Act, 1916
 Regulations for the operation of the Bank as prescribed by The Treasury
 Regulations covering Deposits, Withdrawals, Nominations, etc
 Rules made by the City Council and approved by
 the Chief Registrar of Friendly Societies
 Names of Members and Dates of Meetings
 Involved in the early management of the Bank
 Background to the appointment made September 18th 1916
 Reports made July 30th 1918; July 29th 1919; May 3rd 1921
 Periodic reports made to the Bank's Management Committee that chart the
 progress of the Bank and the difficulties faced in establishing a temporary
 institution under wartime conditions
 How the firm of Agar, Bates, Neal & Co came to be appointed as Auditors
 Meetings held on October 29th 1918; November 18th 1918;
 November 29th 1918; December 19th 1918; June 23rd 1919;
 June 26th 1919; July 7th 1919 regarding legislation, hours of business,
 branch premises, etc for the replacement permanent bank
 Income & Expenditure Accounts and Balance Sheets for the two years ending
 September 30th 1918; Final Accounts for the period October 1st 1918 to
 October 31st 1919; and the Account of the Liquidators: November 1st 1919 to
 April 15th 1921
 Summary of the Bank's trading period:
 September 29th 1916 to October 31st 1919
 Members of staff employed in the initial 14 months of the Bank's existence
 Background to the employment of 65 staff
 Three photographs showing premises and staff