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 The Growth of Birmingham and the Bank's Branch Network  How the growth of the branch network mirrored the growth of the city
 Branch Index  Alphabetical listing of individual branch entries
 Key to Individual Branch Entries  Explanation of entries
 Branch Sort Codes
 Description of system for identifying individual branches
 Four maps showing the location of individual branches
            in relation to Birmingham's Town Hall
 Branch Opening Hours  Historical record of branch opening hours
 Days when all Offices of the Bank are Closed  Closures for Bank Holidays etc
 Permanent Branches - Opening Dates  Chronological record of permanent branch openings
 Branch Openings and Numbers  Year-by-year record of branch openings and closures;
       and summary of branch numbers
 Branch Managers  Lists of Branch Managers for specific years
 Branch Architecture  History re architects, designs, etc
 Branch Premises  Extracts from the Minutes of the Bank's Management Committees
 detailing the history relating to the acquisition, construction, and
 refurbishment, etc of property acquired for the Bank's branch network
 Branch Tablets  Examples of branch commemoration tablets
 Analysis of Branches by Deposit Balances  Classification by size
  Customers' Credit Balances; Balance of Advances to Customers; Reserves (; %) 
 Customers' Credit Balances (Departmental Analysis): 1957 to 1979
  Average Deposit Balances - Average amount per Deposit Account
  Purchasing Power of the Pound - Annual Total Balances adjusted to 1979 values
  The Bank in 1920 (The financial position of the Bank after the first seven months)
  The Bank in 1927 (The financial progress of the Bank from 1920 to 1927)
  Progress of the Bank (1927) - Chapter 26 of Britain's First Municipal Savings Bank
  The Financial Position of the Bank (1927) - Chapter 27 of Britain's First Municipal Savings Bank
  The Bank in 1939 (The financial progress of the Bank from 1927 to 1939)
  The Bank in 1949 (The financial progress of the Bank from 1939 to 1949)
  The Bank in 1959 (The financial progress of the Bank from 1949 to 1959)
  The Bank in 1969 (The financial progress of the Bank from 1959 to 1969)
  The Bank in 1979 (The financial progress of the Bank from 1969 to 1979)
 Income & Expenditure Accounts: No 1 Department and Summary
 Income & Expenditure Accounts: No 2 Department
 Income & Expenditure Accounts: No 3 Department
 Income & Expenditure Accounts (Analysis of Income)
    - Interest Received from Investments and Advances
    - Interest Paid to Depositors
    - Interest Margin
    - Management Expenses
    - Margin less Management Expenses
    - Ratio of Management Expenses to Interest Margin (%)
  Income & Expenditure Accounts (Analysis of Management and Other Expenditure)
  Computer Financing
 Statistics (Full Index)
 Principal Statistics:
 Birmingham Municipal Bank: Income & Expenditure Accounts - 1919/20 to 1925/26
 Birmingham Municipal Trustee Savings Bank - 1976 to 1978/79
 Annual Reports - examples of front covers
 [9] MEMORIES  Various aspects of the Bank's history as recollected by the Bank's staff and others
 [10] IMAGES  Images portraying events in the Bank's History
 [11] MISCELLANEOUS  Topics not specifically related to a single main section of the website
 Accounts Department
 House Purchase Department
 Inspection Department
 Clearing Department
 Safe Deposit
 Current Accounts Department
 Edmund Street: Historical Background
 Edmund Street: Speeches made at the official opening ceremony
 Edmund Street: Photographs of the Premises
 Edmund Street: Photographs of the official opening ceremony
 Broad Street: Opening Ceremony and Description of the Building
 Broad Street: Views of the new building that were reproduced in a souvenir booklet
 Broad Street: Article published in "The Architect & Building News" - December 8th 1933
 Broad Street: Plans of the building's four floors