Articles regarding the Birmingham Municipal Bank's predecessor,
which commenced business on September 29th 1916;
ceased to take deposits on October 31st 1919;
and was formally wound-up on November 17th 1919
 Details of the establishment of the Birmingham Corporation Savings
 Bank (BCSB) as a temporary savings institute during the First World War
 and its subsequent replacement by the Birmingham Municipal Bank (BMB)
 as a unique municipal savings and housing bank.
 A brief description of how the BMB expanded its branch network and
 introduced a variety of services with links providing more detail.
 Various milestones in the Bank's history until it ceased its connection
 with Birmingham City Council on November 20th 1979.
 A summary of the three main periods in the Bank's history from
 September 1st 1919 to November 20th 1979
 External and Internal Reports providing details of the
 historical progress of the Bank
 "The Romance of a Great Achievement"
 Extracts from a book written by the BMB's first General Manager
 describing the establishment of the Bank up to 1927
 The history of the Bank as related (under the title 'Retrospect')
 in the souvenir booklet issue for the opening of the Broad Street
 Head Offices: November 27th 1933
 The History of the House Purchase Department The establishment and early development of this aspect of the Bank
 Transfer of Accounts from the BCSB  The transfer of 21,482 accounts with Balances totalling 325,411
 The First Day: September 1st 1919  Branch Daily Cash Return figures for Deposits and Repayments
 The Bank's First Depositor
 Newspaper articles re Broad Street's First Deposit and
    the Bank's First Depositor (BCSB and BMB)
 Progress Reports
 The Birmingham Municipal Bank by J P Hilton
 1926 article by the Bank's first General Manager written at the time
 of the Bradbury Committee to examine Municipal Savings Banks
 The Bradbury Committee
 Report of the committee to examine Municipal Savings Banks
  - issued in 1928
 Article written shortly after the publication of the report of
    the Bradbury Committee
 Comments on Committee on Municipal Savings Banks
 Comments to the City Council following publication of
    the Bradbury Committee's report
 Extension of Municipal Banking
 The demand for Municipal Banks in other towns,
    and for branches of the BMB in areas adjoining Birmingham
 Branches Outside the City  How Oldbury Urban District Council became the first area outside the
 City of Birmingham to have a branch of the Bank
 Branch Openings by Year  Year-by-Year summary of the number of branches
 Rapid Growth of Municipal Bank  An article written in 1935 by the Bank's Chairman: Councillor A H Cooper
 The Municipal Bank, An Example to the Nation  An article written in 1938 by the Bank's Chairman: Alderman Harrison Barrow
 The Page Committee to Review National Savings  The impact on the Bank of this 1973 report
- and -
    at November 20th 1979, to eventually become part of
    the Lloyds TSB Group

 A brief history of the UK's Savings Banks (1810 to 1864),

    and its relevance to the opening and closure of the

           BIRMINGHAM SAVINGS BANK (1827 to 1864)


A detailed history of this short-lived Savings Bank
that commenced business in 1827;
and was formally wound-up in 1864