The Rules of the Birmingham Municipal Bank, consequent upon the Bank being set up under the Birmingham Corporation Act of 1919, listed three objectives for the Bank:
    (a) To receive deposits and to guarantee the payment of interest on and the repayment of such deposits.

   (b) To advance money to any depositors desiring to purchase or acquire a dwelling house or dwelling houses
         in the City of Birmingham, or any interest therein.

    (c) To utilise and invest the funds of the Bank in accordance with the Act and the regulations made thereunder,
         or such other regulations as may be made as therein provided.
These Rules, in relation to objectives (a) and (b), referred to the 'Savings Bank Department' and the 'Housing Department' respectively. The 1919 Rules were subsequent to the Bank's 'Savings and Housing Bank Regulations' (approved by the Treasury: August 25th 1919). These regulations were subsequently surplanted by The Birmingham Municipal Bank Regulations of 1925 which formulated the rules regarding each of these two departments in two separate sections, which were now called:
     the Depositors' Department; and
     the House Purchase Department.
The history of the HOUSE PURCHASE DEPARTMENT, its methods of operation, and other related subjects are covered in the following sections of this website:
 The History of the House Purchase Department
     The background to the Birmingham Municipal Bank being given the authority to make loans for house purchase,
     plus some aspects of the Department's early history as reported in the Bank's Annual Reports
The Operation of the House Purchase Department
    An article by Michael Bourke on "How it all Worked"
Administration and Policy
    Extractions from the Minutes of the Bank Committee and its Sub-Committees that show how the Bank's policy and methods
    of administration in relation to its House Purchase facility were developed in the period September 1919 to October 1939.
    Also included are extracts from the Minutes showing examples of how various mortgage applications, accounts, etc were dealt with.
 House Purchase Statistics
     Mortgage advances and repayments analysed by Amount and Number
 Mortgage Interest Rates
     Historical record of interest rates charged to mortgagors
 Interest Calculations
     Description of the method used to calculate mortgage interest charges, prior to the computerisation of the calculations
The First Five Years
    Description of the development of the House Purchase Department in the years 1919 to 1924
Other House Purchase Schemes
     The schemes operated at Bolton, Burnley, and Ilford - investigated by the Bank in 1919
 The House Purchase Department in 1927
     Development of the House Purchase Department from 1919 to 1927
House Purchase Arrears 1927/28
      Report by the General Manager to the House Purchase Sub-Committee
 Transfer of Solihull Mortgages - 1937
      Details of the BMB's takeover of Solihull Council's house purchase loans
The First National Housing Trust
      The history of a scheme to advance a loan to a builder in order to facilitate the construction of the Pheasey housing estate
 Mortgage Lending - 1950
      Copy of a booklet issued by the Bank in June 1950 regarding House Purchase
 Memories of working in House Purchase Department in the 1960s
      The recollections of Eric Bignell
 The Trials of a Mortgage Applicant
     Article by Norman Worwoood describing how the Bank dealt with mortgage applications in the 1950s and 1960s
 The House Purchase Department in 1969
     A short article written by Bert Hopkins for a publication celebrating the Bank's Golden Jubilee in 1969
 BMB Mortgages (An Article by Bert Hopkins)
     A comprehensive article written by Bert Hopkins in 1972, for the Journal of the Savings Banks Institute
 Miscellaneous Reports to the City Council
     Reports by the Bank's Management Committee regarding the House Purchase Department: 1922 to 1954
 Bournville Village Trust
    The History of Advances made to the Bournville Village Trust
 Other Mortgage Schemes
     Three types of loan that were an alternative to the usual straight-forward applications by owner-occupiers
The Assisted House Purchase Scheme
     Details of the Bank's involvement in Birmingham Corporation's scheme to sell municipal houses
     between the First and Second World Wars
 A Speculative Builder's Opinion on the Housing Problem
     Reproduction of part of a leaflet, issued by a builder, that included praise for the Birmingham Municipal Bank
 Mortgage Lending as a TSB
     How the Trustee Savings Banks Act 1978 regularised the position of mortgage loans made by the Birmingham Municipal TSB
 Passbooks (House Purchase Department)
     Examples of passbooks used to record transactions made on mortgage accounts
House Purchase Ledger - examples of Loose Leaf Ledgers employed in manual posting system
     Examples relating to an 'Equated' mortgage and a 'Reducing' mortgage
     Names of the valuers appointed by the Bank's Management Committee/Board of Trustees to provide valuations on properties
     that the Bank was considering as security for a proposed house purchase advance
 Advances to Land Settlers
     Details of loans made by the Bank under the Land Settlement (Facilities) Act, 1919