'A Speculative Builder's Opinion
on the Housing Problem'
House Purchase
A booklet, under the above title, was published by a Mr H M Grant on December 4th 1922. The author was a Cotteridge builder who constructed houses in that area of the city, plus Kings Norton and Selly Park. His work included the well-known 'Alphabet' houses situated in Pershore Road, Selly Park.

'Mickie' Grant, obviously wishing to facilitate the purchase of houses in the difficult period just after the First World War, included in his booklet some proposals that would assist this cause. Part of his booklet is reproduced here as it provides background to the housing market, just three years after the BMB's involvement in that market began. But, the booklet is also of interest for the author's kindly reference to the Bank: 'The Bank is run on extraordinary sensible and businesslike lines. There is no horde of officials.'