Birmingham Savings Bank
Annual Reports: 1827 - 1863
Annual Report - Year Ended November 20th 1831
The total amount of deposits only increases during this year due to the addition of interest, the cause being due to "many timid and misinformed persons" withdrawing their deposits. The Auditors again refer to the Bank's object as printed in the depositors' passbooks: "To receive the deposits of such small sums as Tradesmen, Mechanics, Labourers, Servants, and other industrious persons may be enabled to save". This theme, of emphasising that the Bank's purpose is to provide a facility for the small savings of the industrious classes, is repeated in other Annual Reports. All Annual Reports included an analysis of accounts by balance amount.
Annual Report - Year Ended November 20th 1832
The Bank's sixth report continues the theme of the previous year regarding a lack of confidence in the Bank, and this year refers to it as a "run" on the Bank that was met by payments in gold coin. In some cases, it is reported, that savings withdrawn from the Bank have been stolen from depositors.  Reference is also made to the attendance of "Managers on Mondays and Thursday", suggesting that these are the only days that the Bank is open for business.
The Report for the year-ended November 20th 1932 was the first in which the Bank's Committee of Management is named. The Committee consisted of twelve gentlemen:
 - J F Ledsam
 - George Nicholls
 - George Bacchus
 - George Blyth
 - R T Cadbury
 - J W Crompton
 - R W Gem
 - Thomas Knott
 - J T Lawrence
 - George E Lee
 - William Redfern
 - W H Stewart
Annual Report - Year Ended November 20th 1833
The growth of deposits is resumed and the total invested now exceeds 62,000. Reference is made to two Savings Banks Acts - 1828 (passed in the reign of George IV) and 1833 (passed in the reign of William IV). Although the Bank is aimed at providing a facility for the less educated, the Auditors make no concession to that fact by wording its report accordingly. Mention is made of John Tidd Pratt, the Certifying Barrister for savings banks, who was the author of The History Of Savings Banks In England, Wales, And Ireland (1830) as well as The Law relating to Savings Banks in England and Ireland (1828). The AGM passes a Resolution That the Act of the Committee of the 25th of November last, altering Rule 18 in accordance with the [Savings Bank Act, 1833], which directs "that no money, whether such money shall have been previously  withdrawn from this Institution or not, can at any time be received from any depositor which shall in any one year ending the 20th of November exceed the sum of Thirty Pounds," be now confirmed.
Annual Report - Year Ended November 20th 1834
The Auditors draw attention to the fact that the Bank is proving particularly attractive to Domestic Servants - presumably a class of people who enjoy fairly secure employment, but who need to provide for their old age. The AGM passes a Resolution That this Meeting is happy to record its acknowledgement that the establishment of this Institution was, in a great measure, owing to the valuable suggestions and exertions of George Nicholls, Esq. who, up to the time of his leaving Birmingham, to occupy an important official situation as a Commissioner of the Poor Laws, continued to afford his services as an Auditor, and an unremitting general superintendence over the whole management; and further it desires, on behalf of the depositors, to whose advantage and interest he was always much devoted, that he will accept the thanks of this Annual General Meeting.
Annual Report - Year Ended November 20th 1835
A very short report that highlights the fact that of the 5,156 total depositors, two-thirds have an average balance of less than 5 - the accompanying statistical statement shows that these 3,486 depositors have total deposits of 17,723.
Annual Report - Year Ended November 20th 1836
The growth of the Bank now requires an extension of the office accommodation, and the closure of the Bank for almost two weeks to enable the capitalisation of interest, the AGM having Resolved That in conformity with the recommendation of the Auditors, the Office of this Institution be, in future, closed from the 20th of November until the first Tuesday in December, when, and on the following day, it shall be open from ten till three o'clock, for the payment of Interest and also for General Business, and on the next day (THURSDAY) during the usual hours (twelve till two o'clock), and that Rules 7 and 9 be altered accordingly, under the direction of Mr Tidd Pratt.
Annual Report - Year Ended November 20th 1837
The extension of the Bank's office is imminent, and the new premises are to incorporate a fire-proof safe. Reference is made to a Bank rule that appears to suggest that accounts that have had no transactions for five years will have the balance confiscated.
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