Thrifty Boxes
In the late 1960s, the Bank began selling 'Thrifty Boxes' which were issued with their own key. This innovation seemed to be an attempt to continue to encourage small savings at home, but with a modernised version of the original Home Safe, that would probably have greater appeal to children.
The example (right) of a rocking horse (approximately 110mm long) was manufactured in Germany; another version of the same design featured a horse with a black body, white mane and tail, and a red saddle.
The 'cat cube' (left) was approximately 75mm high and had a lockable base; other illustrations on the boxes included a 'butterfly' and a 'squirrel'. The squirrel theme was continued by Birmingham Municipal TSB with a savings box in the shape of that creature; this 'squirrel' was 140mm high.
The illustrations below include variations on the 'cube' design. The manufacturer in each case was Treser Verlag of West Germany.
(Thrifty Boxes preserved and photographed by David Parkes)
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