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These images show Home Safes issued by a variety of organisations, but the designs are basically similar to those used by BMB for its 'nickel' and 'book' safes. As many of the safes illustrated on this page predate the BMB's introduction of the designs, it appears that the Bank supplemented its original Home Safe with two well established other designs. The majority of these safes were manufactured by the Automatic Recording Safe Co Ltd, London; and Pearson-Page-Dewsbury Co Ltd, Birmingham
'Book Safes' issued by Lloyds Bank Limited (above) and
Trustee Savings Banks (below)
Three versions of 'Book Safes' issued by the Post Office Savings Bank, including a version to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of George V's reign
TSBs: Wigan, East Anglian,and Belfast
TSBs: East Midland, Sheffield, and London
A book safe issued by Manchester and Salford Savings Bank (left)
'Nickel' safes issued by other TSBs (below):
Bury, Leicester, London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow
The safe issued by The Savings Bank of Glasgow has separate slots for different values of coins. A gauge below each slot indicates the amount that has been saved. Other issuers of this type of safe were the District Bank Limited, The Borough Building Society, The British Linen Bank, the Halifax Permanent Building Society, and the Anglia Building Society.
The manufacturer of these safes is unknown, but they date from the early 1920s
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