Pre-decimal Currency



The Ten Shilling Note (50 pence) is portrayed above the following coins:

 - Half Crown (ie 2/6d = 12 pence

                        - demonetised January 1st 1970);

 - Florin (ie 2/- = 10 pence);

 - One Shilling (ie 1/- = 5 pence);

 - Sixpence (ie 6d = 2 pence

                     - withdrawn June 30th 1980);

 - Silver Threepenny Bit (a coin that was last produced for

                                          circulation in the UK in 1941)


 - the scale below the coins is marked at One Inch intervals;

 - the Ten Shilling Note was replaced by the 50 pence coin

   on October 14th 1969, and the note ceased to be legal

   tender on November 22nd 1970





The following coins are portrayed below the reverse side of a Cashier's Name Plate:

 - Threepenny Bit (ie 3d - ceased to be legal tender on

                               August 31st 1971);

 - One Penny (ie 1d - ceased to be legal tender

                        on August 31st 1971);

 - Half Penny (ie d - demonetised August 1st 1969);

 - Farthing (ie d - a coin that was withdrawn in 1960);

 - New Half Penny (ie p - a very unpopular coin that

                                 ceased to be legal tender in 1984)









Souvenir sets of the old coins were also sold, and a pack is shown here (below left), together with two pre-decimal coin bags.


Other examples of pre-decimal coin bags are illustrated below - bags preserved by Keith Boden