Ladywood Passbook
A No 2 Department Passbook with transactions from 1961 to 1970
Depositors' Department
Account Types
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(No 2 Dept)
(No 3 Dept)
Head Office
An example of a passbook issued at Ladywood branch (there is a faint image created by a rubber stamp on the front cover of the passbook stating the name of the branch) on November 6th 1961. The identity of the branch is also indicated by the "L" preceding the account number. The account number also includes the letter "T" to categorise the account being in the No 2 Department. The account has been opened in pre-decimal days with a notional 10/- in anticipation of monthly credits - presumably from the depositor's employer. There is a cross-reference (21117) to a closed account in the same depositor's name at the same branch. There is no cross-references for the issue of a Home Safe (H.S. No.) nor to a Nomination (Nom. No.) made by the depositor.
After the initial deposit of 10/-, all credits to the account up to May 1963 are marked "Credit Advice S/D" having been made via the  Direct Transfer Scheme. The use of a rubber stamp for these N.I.P.B. (Not In Pass Book) transactions was introduced in February 1956. The last of these monthly deposits was made on March 28th 1963, the next credit to the account (130. 5. 0. on October 3rd 1993) being stamped "Trans." to indicate a transfer from another account. After this credit, except for the addition of Annual Interest, all the transactions are withdrawals.  Almost all the passbook entries up until January 1964 have been made by the same cashier.
From 1964 to 1970, the account has been used to pay the depositor's bills for Gas, Electricity, Water, and Rates as indicated by the appropriate initial. The depositor has given the Bank a Standing Order authority to pay these Utility Bills - the accounts being sent directly to the Bank for payment. These N.I.P.B. transactions have been economically entered at a later date by grouping them together into single deductions. From April 1964 to April 1969, the half-yearly charge for Water is constant at 15/-.
The passbook becomes full of transactions in April 1970 and the account balance of 360. 3. 4 is carried forward to a Continuation Passbook.