TSB College

From the establishment of the College, the Principal contributed an article (College News) to each edition of the SBI Journal, the first of these being in the October 1967 edition:


Principal's Review. Since the first student, a young man from Renton,rived on 9th January, 302 other students have passed through the reception hall and taken their various courses in the first term.


They entered, some with obvious trepidation, others with a show of bravado which may have concealed an equal amount of fear.


On departure, a fortnight later, many have expressed reluctance and regret, possibly fearing that the return to the office on Monday will be a return with a bump to reality.


Almost without exception, however, they have found the experience a stimulating one; at the stage of departure this is probably due to the social influence of being together as a group for many hours each day. Later, they may realise the significance of other and more lasting impressions gained from the tasks they have done and the learning process which at the time was not consciously recognised.


It seems reasonable to assume that the more elderly students will have most cause for retrospection. They were not spared work and they were under continuous exhortation against a complacent attitude towards the future. Some of their traditional principles and processes of management were challenged by the latest social research into human behaviour at work. As one of them said to a lecturer, avoiding adroitly the Principal's wrath at the use of clichés in votes of thanks, "You have given us thought before food!"


This first full term, from January to the end of July, may now be considered from the experience gained. Earlier this year the Principal wrote an article for the Journal which he entitled, in Dr Lawton's phrase. "Off the ground". In some quarters it was kindly suggested that his next article should bear the title "Up in the Clouds", but those observers who have been closest to the project, including the students, have expressed genuine appreciation for what has been achieved. This is not due to any one person but rather to the enthusiastic efforts of all those concerned.


Teaching Methods and Equipment. The College is equipped with the best modern teaching aids. These will be supplemented as occasion demands. The programme content is under continuous review and methods of instruction in every case are designed to offer knowledge and experience coupled with current practice and the latest research theories, so that students are given the opportunity to consider new thinking alongside old and well-tried principles.


During the Senior Officers' Course in early September it is hoped to start a documentary film in colour of the College at work. If a modicum of success attends the efforts of the amateur cameraman, a preliminary version will be shown at the Vocational School at Oxford.


When the film is complete it will be available in 16mm for exhibition at Institute Branch meetings if required.


More ambitious plans include making films of teaching sessions and training films with students as actors and actresses. These, too, would be available for wider distribution.


The Lawton Library. The College is slowly building up a library. Thanks to the generosity of Dr Lawton it already contains an excellent reference section. The Lawton Library, as it is to be known, will provide students with the opportunity to consult authorities on banking, law, management, social history, economics and allied subjects.


Acknowledgements. A number of Banks have made small, but highly acceptable, gifts to the College. These include a gavel, a clock, the T.S.B. lettering above the entrance, and games for the students' lounge. In addition a private donation has been made for the purchase of a picture or pictures for the Hall, and now the news that the association is to present the College with a handsome, hand-carved lectern for the lecture room will be received with pleasure by all. It is understood that the presentation will be made at the Half-Early Meeting in London in November.


Teaching Staff. Mr Eric Hateley, a Branch Manager of the Walsall Trustee Savings Bank, will join the College staff as a full-time Assistant Lecturer from 21st September.


Mr Hateley was seconded in May to assist the Principal and has already made an excellent impression upon students.


We are grateful to the Trustees and General Manager of the Walsall Trustee Savings Bank for their generous action and the understanding and support they have shown towards the College.

Continued ....