MB Forms & Documents
(9) Daily Cash Return (MB 21) - summary of a day's transactions reported to Head Office
(10) Cash Receipt (MB 149) - given to a Cashier by the Branch Manager taking excess cash into the Branch's  Reserve holding
(11) Daily Check Sheet - Withdrawals (MB 72) - form (headings only shown) used to extract transactions
posted to a manual ledger
(12) List of Account Balances at Annual Balance (MB 74) - form (headings only shown) used to list all of a Branch's accounts
(13) Certificate as to Balancing Ledgers (MB 116) - form used to certify the dates that a Branch's Ledgers have been balanced
Examples of Forms & Documents (cont.)
(Not reproduced to the same scale)
(8) Application for a House Purchase Advance (MB 44) - a form used in the early days of the Bank