Press Cutting
relating to the Bank's attempt to evict the tenant of the flat over Sparkbrook branch
Press Cuttings
The Newspaper Cutting reproduced here originally appeared in the Birmingham Despatch dated October 19th 1921. The Birmingham Mail's report of the same case expanded on the exchange between the Bank's General Manager, J P Hilton, and Mr Stanton (for the defendant) after Mr Hilton stated that he wished to remove the tenant for the greater safety of the Bank:
Mr Stanton: You are not putting that forward as a substantial reason, are you?
Mr Hilton: Yes; a number of people go to the back of these premises day and night, and the committee do not think it desirable the present tenancy should continue.
Mr Stanton: What do these people go there for?
Mr Hilton: This man keeps rabbits and guinea-pigs, and I expect they go there to see them. The committee do not feel it desirable that a lot of people should have access to the back of these premises.
Mr Stanton: Do you mean to say that sort of piffle is the reason?
Mr Hilton: Yes.
(See Ladywood Branch regarding a similar case.)