Obituary: Bernard Reuben Endall

‘Bunny’ Endall died on January 6th 2003 at the age of 89. He retired from the Bank as its Deputy General Manager in June 1978, a position that he attained in 1974. He was thus deputy to Joe Hoccom at one of the most momentous moments in the Bank’s history – the conversion to Trustee Savings Bank status on April 1st 1976. He described his promotion as "a most gratifying appointment, especially at this historic time for the bank. The three remaining years before my retirement promise to be some of the most exciting in the bank's history".


Bernard was born in Birmingham, educated at the Moseley  Secondary School, and joined the Bank in 1929 as a junior on the post desk in Head Office. Except for his War service from August 24th 1939 to September 6th 1945 (as a Sergeant in the RAF - right) he remained with the BMB until his retirement. He qualified as an Associate of the Institute of Bankers early in his career, and the Institute later elected him a Fellow.


Having a very sociable nature (and an extensive range of humorous stories), Bernard took an active part in the Bank’s social activities. He was a member of the Staff Association’s first committee, when it was formed in 1947, and held the position of Secretary for five years, from 1956. During his tenure as Secretary, the Staff Association held lengthy discussions with the Bank’s Committee of Management regarding the staff’s working conditions and the increasing incidences of cases of violent robberies. These discussions involved Bernard in much detailed correspondence, but the result was an agreement in 1959 to an improvement in working conditions and the institution of an insurance policy covering staff for injuries sustained during robberies. Bernard was also one of only eight trustees that ever held that position of trust during the 33 years’ existence of the Staff Benevolent Fund.


Bernard’s willingness to assist his fellow members of staff is well illustrated by the comments of Geoff Payne, reflecting on his long tenure as Chairman of the Staff Association’s Welfare Committee, when he said, “As far as I was concerned in organising and running the functions, I had wonderful help from Frank Jones and Bernard Endall”. Bernard was also a keen supporter of the Bank’s Motoring Club, and was its President for many years.


After holding the position of Branch Manager at Billesley; Brandwood; Hay Mills; Kings Heath; Northfield; and Acocks Green, Bernard was appointed a Branch Inspector in 1970, before becoming Deputy General Manager in 1974.
(photograph supplied by Neil Endall)