The Birmingham Branch of
the Savings Banks Institute
Regional branches of the Savings Banks Institute provided local activities for Associates and Ordinary members.
Examples of the programmes of lectures organised by the Birmingham branch are detailed below.
 October 21st 1958  A Day in Parliament 
 Denis H Howell, MP
 November 24th 1958  The Work of the Town Clerk's Office
 W Wood, LL.B
 Assistant Town Clerk
 February 11th 1959  Birmingham Water Supply (illustrated)
 A E Fordham
 General Manager & Secretary
 Birmingham Water Department
 November 25th 1959  The Redevelopment of Birmingham (illustrated)
 J R Sheridan-Shedden, Dip.Arch, FRIBA
 Deputy City Architect
 November 14th 1960  National Savings
 D Cresswell, MBE
 January 5th 1961  The Functions of the Bank of England
 D H Buchanan
 Bank of England, Birmingham
 February 15th 1961  Transport Pat and Present (illustrated)
 W A Camwell, AIB
 November 6th 1963  Our Professional Organisation
 W F Rishton, ASBI
 Secretary, The Savings Banks Institute
 December 4th 1963  The Planning and Re-Development of Birmingham
 N Borg, MICE, M I MUN E
 City Engineer & Surveyor
 January 1964  [Not Known]  Chief Registrar of Friendly Societies
 February 12th 1964  Insurance
 G H Purchon
 Local Manager
 Royal Insurance Co Ltd
 November 10th 1964  A Further Talk on the Stock Exchange
 John Remington
 Member of the Birmingham Stock Exchange
 December 9th 1964  Experiences in Court
 Ian S Manson
 Office of the Prosecuting Solicitor
 January 14th 1965  Mortgages and Conveyancing
 H G Feather, Ll B
 Senior Assistant Solicitor
 Town Clerk's Department
 February 18th 1965
 Mountain Climbing
 Bird Life on Skomer
 Harold Restall
 November 2nd 1965
 Informative film on
 The Working of the Cheque and Credit Clearing System
 J S Pearman
 Assistant Clearing Manager
 Barclays Bank Limited, London
 December 9th 1965
The Trustee Savings Bank Cheque Scheme
 Dr C L Lawton, OBE, LL D
 York Trustee Savings Bank
 January 17th 1966  Swedish Journey
 A Potter, ACIS, AIB, ASBI
 Ashton-Under-Lyne Savings Bank
 February 23rd 1966
 Relationship of the National Debt Office with the
          Savings Bank Movement
 F D Ashby
 National Debt Office, London
 October 9th 1967  Study Tour of Norway, 1967
 A Clemons, ASBI
 Birmingham Municipal Bank
(Winner of the Institute's Travelling
      Scholarship Award, 1967)
 November 15th 1967  The Paying Banker
 G N Brooks, B Sc, AIB
 Manchester Branch of the Institute of Bankers
 January 9th 1968
 Some Aspects of the Trustee Savings Banks
           College at Work
 A W R Dethan, FSBI
 Principal, Trustee Savings Banks College
 February 8th 1968
 London's Airports -
 Their Progress and Organisation
 L W Green
 General Manager, Gatwick Airport
 November 17th 1969
 A General Talk on Decimalisation
 A Clemons, ASBI
 Decimalisation Officer, BMB
 January 13th 1970
 The American Scene
 P J Cook, ASBI
 Winner of 1968 Travelling Scholarship Award,
 Essex TSB
 February 18th 1970
 A Transport Enthusiast visits India and South Africa, 1968
 W A Camwell, AIB
 October 14th 1970
 Barriers and Gateways to Communication
 A W R Dethan, FSBI
 Principal, Trustee Savings Banks College
 November 10th 1970
 Savings Banks of the Future
 A Owen, ASBI
 General Manager, Essex TSB
 January 11th 1971
 Around the World in 36 Days
 J D Carroll, ASBI
 Assistant Actuary, Devon & Exeter TSB
 January 12th 1972
 Computers - OLRT
 H R Taylor, FCIS, MBCS
 Systems Manager, TSB Computer Centre
 February 14th 1972
 The Soccer Scene
 E Woodward
 Commercial Manager, Aston Villa Football Club
 October 18th 1972
 Debate: The BMB is an anachronism
 November 7th 1972
 Hypnosys and extra-sensory perception
 John Dale
 January 15th 1973
 The Greek Islands and Turkey
 H R Thornton, FRPS
 February 5th 1973
 Savings Banks - Recent Developments
 J F D Miller, MBE, FSBI
 Secretary General, TSB Association