Copy of Letter from the Chancellor of the Exchequer
regarding Birmingham's contributions to the War Savings Campaign
BMB during the War
Treasury Chambers,
Great George Street,
15th May, 1945
My dear Sir,
Now that victory has been won in Europe, it is fitting that I should take this occasion to express my cordial appreciation of the co-operation and support which the Birmingham Municipal Bank has given to the War Savings Campaign. The large increase during the war of balances due to depositors, and the sale through the Bank of National Savings Certificates and other Government securities, has raised about 38 million pounds for the prosecution of the war. The Bank has taken a very important part in all sides of savings work in the Birmingham region and in the various Special Weeks which have been a feature of the Campaign, and the National Savings Movement owes much to the hard work and expert knowledge which the officials of the Bank have contributed to the common effort. As Chancellor of the Exchequer, and on behalf of the Government generally, I ask you to convey my appreciation and thanks to all concerned.

The War Savings Campaign has made it possible to finance the war effort on sound lines, and so has made a vital contribution to the winning of the war in Europe. It continues to be of urgent importance that the public should save, both for the waging of the war against Japan and in connection with the work of reconstruction and development which lies before the Government and the nation. With these tasks in view it is clear that the campaign must be maintained with the greatest possible vigour, and I am confident that those who have worked so hard to encourage and organise saving during the war against Germany will not now relax in their efforts.
Yours sincerely
The Chairman.
Birmingham Municipal Bank.