Second World War - Newspaper Items
Cuttings from Wartime Newspapers etc, relating to the BMB
This advertisment (left) appeared in the Birmingham Gazette on October 22nd 1941, and appealed for funds to build HMS King George V.
The Warship Week programme that supported the appeal, featured the notice on the right.
Completed on December 11th 1941, and following the successful Warship Week campaign,  the battleship was adopted by the city
War Savings Campaigns
Caption to the above photograph in the Birmingham Gazette, dated August 28th 1942:
Response to the speech Sir Ernest Canning, chairman of the Birmingham War Savings Committee, is seen making at the inauguration of a new savings enterprise - a shop branch at the factory of Bakelite Ltd was the deposit in the bank by employees of nearly 100 within half-an-hour. Seen at the right is Mr J P Hilton of the Bank. Sir Ernest was received by Mr E V Potter, managing director, and Mr F J Robinson, works manager
The above item appeared in the Evening Despatch dated January 23rd 1942. Although the caption refers to 40 million in interest, the celebration was to mark the Bank reaching deposits of that amount. The year-ending balances for 1941/42 being:
    1941: 35,917,804
    1942: 42,056,508
The staff members include William A Camwell (left)
Illustrating the Bank's desire to replace male staff called up for War service, this advertisement in the Birmingham Mail on April 19th 1943, attempts to recruit female staff
BMB during the War