House Purchase
House Purchase Department:
The First Five Years
Meetings of House Purchase Sub-Committees
The House Purchase Sub-Committees were initially
appointed by Resolutions of the Bank's General
Committee on November 15th 1920
Applications for House Purchase loans were initially dealt with by the Bank's General Committee, but with an escalating demand for loans, two Sub-Committees were formed to deal with the applications - the Sub-Committees meeting on alternate weeks. As the demand subsided, meetings were held less frequently and it was necessary for only one Sub-Committee to be convened. In addition to reporting the number of meetings held since the last report, and the number of applications received (and the number granted, etc), the Sub-Committees also discussed policy issues and made appropriate recommendations to the General Committee. From 1922 onwards, the reporting of loans granted was made by summarising the loans that had been entered in the House Purchase Advances Book. The following table summarises the work of the Sub-Committees from December 1920 to December 1921.
Date Reported to
General Committee
 Sub-Committee 'A'
Sub-Committee 'B' 
Joint Committee 
 December 20th 1920
 3 Meetings
 Applications: 35
 Advances Granted: 31
 Applications Adjourned: 3
 Applications not acceded to: 1
 (C Darwin for an advance on 4 houses)
 "One or two applications have been received
from Mortgagors asking for the periods of
repayment to be extended, owing to unforseen
difficulties. The requests have been acceded to
(within authorised limits) in cases where .... the
circumstances so warranted"
 4 Meetings
 Applications: 36
 Advances Granted: 27
 Applications Adjourned: 6
 Applications Withdrawn: 2
 Application not acceded to: 1
(One application declined as the property
had been bought before the application
was made)
 January 17th 1921  1 Meeting
 Applications: 8 (inc 2 previously adjourned)
 Advances Granted: 5
 Applications Adjourned: 2
 Applications cancelled: 1
(Town Clerk instructed to withdraw offer of
Mortgage where Mortgagor's Solicitor does not
submit documents in a timely manner)
 2 Meetings
 Applications: 27
 Advances Granted: 23
 Applications Adjourned: 4
 (Discussion re "Failure to make
Repayments - J T Rea"; Suspension of
Repayments due to illness - A H Kirk")
 February 21st 1921  2 Meetings
 Applications: 26 (inc 3 previously adjourned)
 Advances Granted: 21
 Applications Adjourned: 1
 Applications discharged: 4
 Offers Withdrawn (no response): 2
 Permission to sell mortgaged properties: 2
 3 Meetings
 Applications: 35 (inc 4 previously adjourned)
 Advances Granted: 29
 Applications Adjourned: 1
 Applications not acceded to: 3
 Applications Withdrawn: 2
 Permission to sell mortgaged properties: 4
   (Charge of 3. 3s. 0d. to be made)
 March 21st 1921  2 Meetings
 Applications: 22
 Advances Granted: 21
 Application not acceded to: 1
 Offers Withdrawn (no response): 1
 April 18th 1921    
Sale of Mortgaged Property
Depositors as Purchasers
Advances on two or
       more houses
Fees for copy valuation and
        inspection of Deeds
Short Lease Properties
Additional Security
Shops and Dwellinghouses
Sewers and uncompleted Roads
Post-war Houses -
       Repayment period
 May 23rd 1921  4 Meetings
 Applications: 46
 Advances Granted: 44
 Applications Adjourned: 2
 Applications Withdrawn: 2
 Offers Withdrawn (no response): 2
 Permission to sell mortgaged properties: 4
 3 Meetings
 Applications: 22
 Advances Granted: 17
 Applications Adjourned: 5
 Applications Withdrawn: 5
 Permission to sell mortgaged properties: 2
 June 20th 1921    2 Meetings
 Applications: 26
 Advances Granted: 23
 Applications Adjourned: 1
 Applications not acceded to: 2
         (1) Timber Construction
         (2) Leasehold with only 26 years to run
 Permission to sell mortgaged properties: 1
Policy decisions re:
 July 18th 1921    2 Meetings
 Applications: 32
 Advances Granted: 29
 Applications Adjourned: 1
 Offers Withdrawn (no response etc): 10
 October 14th 1921    3 Meetings
 Applications: 23
 Advances Granted: 19
 Applications Adjourned: 4
 Offers Withdrawn (no response): 2
 December 19th 1921    
 Councillor Fryer appointed Chairman
 Future meetings to be held  -hour
    before General Committee
 Legal & Bank Charges
 Sale of property subject to Mortgage
The following gentlemen were elected as members of the Bank's
House Purchase Sub-Committees
at General Committee meetings held on the dates specified
November 15th 1920   November 14th 1921 November 13th 1922  November 19th 1923 
 Lovsey (A)  Fryer  Lovsey  G Cadbury, Jnr
 Appleby (A)  Appleby  Appleby  Lovsey
 Fryer (A)  Gelling  Gelling  Appleby
 Tiptaft (A)  Higgins  Fryer  Cooper
 Appleby (B)  Parnell  Higgins  Gelling
 Gelling (B)  Poole  Poole  Fryer
 Keatley (B)  Tiptaft  Tiptaft  Higgins
 Ward (B)    Williams  Poole