Depositors' Ledger:
Aston Branch
Depositors' Department
(below) A/c No: 6839 - an account opened December 14th 1922 with a deposit of 200. After interest capitalisation at March 31st 1925 the balance reaches an unusually high peak of 1,568 - 15 - 3d., despite the fact that the Bank's Rule 28 stated at this time that it should "not receive any deposit which makes the sum standing to the name of any depositor in the Bank exceed five hundred pounds".
(right) A/c No: 7935 - an account opened March 24th 1923 with a deposit of 2d. By a series of small deposits, the balance accumulates to 4/-d when the account was closed on December 15th 1923. Early the next year, the account is renewed. In the period to April 1925 the account is closed and renewed regularly - at no time does the balance exceed 1, the minimum required to earn interest.
(above left) a very active account has required the issue of a second continuation passbook.
(above centre) A/c No: 7710 - the account of a deceased depositor is closed upon production of a Funeral Account.
(above right and below) A/c No: 8000 - the last account in the ledger is opened on April 5th 1923.
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