Minutes of the
Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank
regarding the Establishment of the
Birmingham Municipal Bank


Present: Councillor Appleby in the Chair. Aldermen Chamberlain and Lovsey.


On Minute No. 195 the Manager reported the premises No. 145 Lichfield Road were not suitable for a branch bank.

204 RESOLVED:- That Minute 195 be discharged.


The Sub-Committee considered the question of engaging further premises for branch bank purposes. The Manager reported the result of his negotiations in various cases.

205 RESOLVED:- That the Chairman be requested to interview the Chairman of the Public Libraries Committee, with a view to securing the use of a portion of the Public Library at Harborne as a branch bank.


206 On Minute 200, the Manager reported that the Chairman and himself had interviewed Mr W Barrow a director of Messrs Cadbury Bros. regarding the new bank taking the place of the Savings fund conducted for many years at their Works. Mr Barrow would confer with his co-directors and communicate again with the Committee in due course.


208 The Manager reported that the Chairman and himself had interviewed two Archbishops of Birmingham with regard to the Bank, and they were sympathetic towards the proposals of the Bank. It was proposed to send a letter to the two Archbishops giving particulars with regard to the Bank, and they had agreed to discuss the whole position with their City Rectors.


The Sub-Committee considered the following proposed report to the General Committee:-


Your Sub-Committee report that they have given further consideration to the establishment of Branch Banks in various parts of the City, and they submit herewith a statement marked "A" giving particulars of the premises they have secured.


Your Sub-Committee have other premises under consideration but are not in a position to report thereon at this meeting. A further statement marked "B" is also submitted herewith giving the population in each ward of the City and the location of the Branch Bank.


Your Sub-Committee are impressed with the desirability of opening the Bank on the 1st September so as to secure as favourable a period of savings as possible up to Christmas, and they are of opinion that the Chief Registrar of Friendly Societies should be approached with a view to obtaining a tentative approval to the Rules, and that the provisional sanction of the City Council should be sought to the Rules at the next meeting of the Council. Your Sub-Committee feel that it would be most unwise to allow a period to occur between the closing of the present Bank and the opening of the New Bank when no deposits could be taken, which is likely to occur if the sanction of the City Council cannot be obtained to the Rules, etc., before the first meeting in October.


Your Sub-Committee realise that the amount of work involved in the immediate future is such that adequate assistance should be afforded to the Manager, and they recommend that a competent Deputy should be procured as early as possible at such remuneration as the Chairman (Alderman Chamberlain) the Chairman of the Sub-Committee (Councillor Appleby) and the Manager are able to arrange.


Your Sub-Committee recommend that the engagement of staff for the New Bank (including the utilization of the present staff where advisable) should be referred to them together with equipment of premises, printing, etc.


Your Sub-Committee have considered the question of hours of business at the Head Office and Branches and they recommend the approval of the following:


HEAD OFFICE:                      Mondays       10 to 2-30 and 5-30 to 7-30

                                               Tuesdays       10 to 2-30

                                               Wednesdays 10 to 2-30

                                               Thursdays     10 to 1

                                               Fridays          10 to 2-30

                                               Saturdays      10 to 1 and 5-30 to 7-30


BRANCH OFFICES:              Mondays       12 to 2-30 and 5-30 to 7

                                               Tuesdays       12 to 2-30

                                               Wednesdays 12 to 2-30

                                               Thursdays     10 to 1

                                               Fridays           12 to 2-30 and 5-30 to 7

                                               Saturdays      10 to 1 and 5-30 to 7


but that your Sub-Committee be authorised to make any deviation as regards Branch Office hours where they may find it desirable.


Your Sub-Committee report that the Chairman and Manager have had an interview with Mr Walter Barrow, a Director of Messrs. Cadbury Brothers, regarding the New Bank taking the place of the Savings Fund conducted for many years at their works. The suggestion is put forward by Mr Barrow as a result of an application which the Manager made for the opening of a Branch Bank at the Institute in Linden Road. Mr Barrow will confer with his co-directors again and communications with the Manager thereon. Your Sub-Committee recommend that the matter be left in the hands of the Chairman and Manager to act as they think best.


1 No: 299 Monument Road, Ladywood 16/- per week inclusive.
2 No: 50 Coventry Road, Hay Mills Retained at 2/6 per week.
3 No: 117 Great Lister Street, Duddeston 20/- per week and rates. Tenant paying half.
4 No: 163 Stratford Road, Sparkbrook Retained at 5/- per week.
5 No: 270 Lozells Road, Villa Cross 45 per annum and rates.
6 The Council House, Handsworth (one room) Terms to be fixed.
7 The Institute, High Street, Selly Oak 19 per annum
8 The Institute, Church Road, Northfield 19 per annum


Parliamentry Wards Population Location of
Divisions July 1914 Branch Offices
HANDSWORTH Handsworth 26,622  
  Sandwell 18,924 Council House,
  Soho 27,131 Soho Road.
ASTON Aston 41,627 Junction of Barker St.
  Lozells 34,669     and Lozells Road,
      Villa Cross
ERDINGTON Erdington North 16,115 Junction of Barker St.
  Erdington South 17,516     and Lozells Road,
  Washwood Heath 33,745 Villa Cross
DUDDESTON St Mary's 32,672 117 Great Lister St
  Duddeston & Nechells 41,065   close to Bloomsbury
YARDLEY Saltley 22,469  
  Small Heath 29,278 50 Coventry Road,
  Yardley 16,505 close to Kings Road
DERITEND St Bartholomew's 39,136  
  St Martin's & Deritend 41,459  
SPARKBROOK Sparkbrook 35,861 163 Stratford Road,
  Balsall Heath 40,713 opposite Farm Road
MOSELEY Acocks Green 26,958  
  Sparkhill 22,644  
  Moseley & Kings Heath 25,888  
KINGS NORTON Selly Oak 26,092 Institute, Selly Oak
  Kings Norton 21,856  
  Northfield 7,766 Institute, Northfield
EDGBASTON Edgbaston 33,115  
  Harborne 15,652  
  Market Hall 17,070  
LADYWOOD Ladywood 30,003 Junction Monument Rd
  Rotton Park 40,151 Icknield Port Road
HOCKLEY All Saints 43,161  
  St Pauls 29,725  


209 RESOLVED:- That the foregoing report be approved for presentation to the General Committee.



In J P Hilton's book Britain's First Municipal Savings Bank -
Part 2 Chapter 3 (Preparations for Opening the Municipal Bank) commences:

In intelligent anticipation of Parliamentary powers being granted, the Council at their meeting on the 29th July, 1919, approved of draft rules, and authorised the Bank Committee to take such steps as were necessary to start the new Bank as early as possible. The Royal Assent was given on the 15th August, 1919, the regulations were issued by the Treasury on the 25th August, the rules approved by the Chief Registrar of Friendly Societies on the 27th August and by the Treasury on the 28th August.
The committee lost no time in setting about it - in fact, they set up a record for Municipal hustle, and on the 1st September, 1919, the Bank was opened with a Head Office and seventeen branches.

Birmingham Corporation
Savings Bank