The book was published in two versions:
 Red - the Popular Edition
 Green - the Library Edition
The green-covered Library Edition; the spine of the book shows that it cost 7/6d
This page (right) appeared in the Bank's 1928 Annual Report. The same wording was used in the 1929 Report, except that the final paragraph read:
The book will be found to have more than a local or 
passing interest. It will be found of value to students of  social conditions and of local government.
The 1930 Report changed this to:
 In view of the prominence given to the extension of
 Municipal Banks and the renewed efforts of other
 municipalaties to obtain Parliamentary powers,
 this book will be found useful.
The full page advertisement finally appeared in the Annual Report for 1931. The last reference to the book was in the 1932 Report, which merely stated that:
Every depositor should possess this interesting book, copies of which can be obtained at any office of the Bank.
Britain's First Municipal
Savings Bank
Sales of 'Britain's First
Municipal Savings Bank'
Britain's First Municipal Savings Bank
Reproduced below are images of the above-titled book, and details of advertisements
(relating to the book) that appeared in copies of the Bank's Annual Reports