ADDITIONS & AMENDMENTS: January 8th to November 20th 2015
 Nov 20


 Birmingham in 1935 - a film clip that includes interior and

     exterior shots of the Bank's Broad Street Head Office


 Nov 20


 Stanley Guy recalls events to commemorate

      Neville Chamberlain's Centenary


 Nov 20

  List of Managers in 1926

 Nov 20


 Copy of the Rules & Regulations adopted by the
   Staff Association in 1947
 Nov 20


 Fourteen Annual Reports from the period 1950 to 1969
 Nov 5

  Statistic reporting system amended

 Nov 5

  External and Internal Reports produced by and for the

    Bank's Committee of Management: 1920 to 1927

 Nov 5


Cash Orders

Deposit Slips and Withdrawal Receipts

The Overseers & The Collection of Rates Accounts

Image-130: addition of Menu and Order of Business

Pre-decimal Currency: images of coin bags


 Nov 5

 Tributes and Appreciations recorded in editions of CONTACT

   magazine for the following members of staff:

Kenneth Roy Willingham

Harold John ('Jack') Sutherland

Miss Marion McLean

Miss Nora Frances Jenkins

Charles E Harper

Frank W Hearne

Leonard Arthur ('Len') Wright

James A ('Jim') Duff

Walter Kennard ('Ken') Robottom

Clarrie Russ

Leslie C Abbiss

Arthur Henry Bower

Mrs E M Peers

Geoff Payne

Miss Ivy K Cowley

Henry Grocott Wright

Neville L Newcombe

Henry J T Bayliss

Alf Morgan

Hewel E M Forman


  Sep 6

 Articles in editions of CONTACT magazine

     added for the following seasons:









  Sep 4

 MEMORY-070: Recollections of my Career (1962 to 1990)

                                 by John Winterbottom

  Sep 4

 Correspondence relating to the appointment of Branch Managers

  after the Second World War

  Sep 4

 List of Group Managers and Branch Managers in 1974

  Sep 4
 Articles from Staff Magazines:


  Sep 4
Table of Editions & Editors updated and reformatted


  Sep 4

 Articles in editions of CONTACT reporting on the activities of the

    staff's Chess Club:






  May 24
 MEMORY-069: Down Memory Lane

 In an article in the Christmas 1967 edition of CONTACT,

    Harold Turner recalls the inception of the Staff's Magazine

  May 17
 Additional photograph of the Broad Street Head Offices at night 
 Two additional photographs showing the staff of the
      Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank
 May 13
 Press articles from January 1927 that mainly comment on
 a report produced by the Aberdeen Savings Bank that is
 critical of municipal banks. A reply to these criticisms was
 produced by the Bank's Chairman - Sir Percival Bower
  Apr 27
 Description of a sub-branch of Pype Hayes branch,
 located at the Fort Dunlop factory
  Apr 17
 Addition of draft menu for 30 million Commemorative Dinner
 Addition of menu for 1939 Staff Dinner
  Apr 16
  Image of red passbook used for No 3 Department
  Apr 15
  Details relating to the construction of the Broad Street
  Head Offices, extracted from the Tender Document
  Feb 25
  Additional entries relating to BMB staff who served
      on the SBI Council
  Feb 24
  Details of the College located in Shirley, Solihull
 Feb 17
 (Additions to existing pages)
           Associates 1947 to 1977
 Feb 17
 Feb 17
 BMB Football Club: new photographs added
 New Page: TSB College
 New Page: Savings Banks Institute Examination Prizewinners
 Feb 17
 The Modern Bank Clerk
 Feb 17
 Letters exchanged between the Bank's founder
    and the Bank's first General Manager: 1919 - 1927 
 Feb 17
 Example of 'Logo Sticker' added
 Jan 20
 Reports of Activities in 1970 to 1971; 1972 to 1973; 1975
 Jan 19
 Reports of Activities in 1962; 1970 to 1972; 1975
 Jan 19
 Reports of Activities in 1960; 1961; 1970 to 1972
 Jan 8
 Programme of Events for 2015
 Jan 8
 Split into four pages: A-F; G-M; N-V; W-Z,
      and supplemented by additional detail
 Jan 8
 BMB RAMBLING CLUB  Reports of Activities in 1960; 1961/62; 1970
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