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 Oct 20
 Oct 19
 Sept 15
 A defalcation committed in 1924 by the Manager of Duddeston branch (H H Crump)
 was known as "The Crump Affair". The Bank's Committee of Management asked
 the Auditors (Agar, Bates, Neal & Co) to produce a Report to investigate what had
 occurred. Their Report was contained in three letters, now added to the website:
 Aug 13
 Images showing current use of four former BMB branch premises:
    - Kitts Green
    - Saltley
    - Shard End
 July 4
 Addition of Correspondence etc regarding the repair and refurbishment of the
 building's Stained Glass Windows that suffered percussion damage during an
 air raid in the Second World War
 June 29
 Images and background information regarding the Architect (Gerald McMichael,
 ARIBA) who designed the first purpose-built Municipal Bank, and the builder
 (T Elvins & Sons) who carried out the construction work to his plans
 June 27
 Details of the first 100 accounts opened at Aston branch on the first day of
 business of the BMB (September 1st 1919) - all accounts having been transferred
 from the Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank. The article outlines the
 procedure that would have been followed, and the difficulties encountered,
 in conducting a major clerical exercise in a very limited period of time
 June 26
 Addition of an example of a Head Office passbook issued for a Society Account.
 The passbook is a type that was used from 1969, and the pages cover a period
 that included Decimalisation of the currency and Computerisation of the Bank's
 June 25
 Reproduction of the 'Hours of Business' as printed in passbooks.
 This set of 'hours' applied from July 1st 1969 to August 31st 1973
 June 24
 Examples added of some of the large variety of Rubber Stamps used by the Bank:
    - branch designatory letters (HB)
    - notification of Interest Change at December 1st 1932
    - Head Office address (Broad Street, Birmingham 1)
    - 'CANCELLED' stamp used in passbooks
 June 17
 Addition of a 1939 Notice advising Depositors that all branches of the Bank
    will be closed on March 31st for the Annual Balance
 June 16
 Examples of notices posted in branches to advise depositors
    of Hours of Business, including temporary wartime arrangements
 June 16
 Addition of advertisements for the Safe Deposit facility:
   - showing the rentals charged from 1968 in decimal values
   - depicting a 'thief' stealing jewellery
 June 15
 Addition of the official notice to Depositors re the Transfer of the
    Assets and Liabilities of the Birmingham Municipal Bank to the
    Birmingham Municipal Trustee Savings Bank
 June 15
 Addition of a notice advising depositors of an interest rate increase to 3%,
    on No 1 Department accounts on April 1st 1965
 June 14
 Addition of an image showing a poster used in branches to announce
    the introduction of the No 2 Department
 June 14
 Addition of an image showing a design for the branch's window display
 June 14

 A brief history of the UK's Savings Banks (1810 to 1864),

    plus a more detailed description of the operations of the

           BIRMINGHAM SAVINGS BANK (1827 to 1864)


May 16

 IMAGE-084: addition of image of Hugh McCallion,

  the Bank's Chairman 1973 - 1975


May 15

 Branch Deposit Balances at:

     March 31st 1927

     November 30th 1927

     March 31st 1928

     July 31st 1928

     November 30th 1928

  Open Accounts at March 31st 1928

  Transactions: April 1st 1927 to March 31st 1928


Apr 25
 Addition of image of Heybarnes' passbook
Mar 21

 My Career with the Bank

         by Gilbert Sherborne


Mar 12

 A Stationery, but not stationary career - My time with BMB

        by Brenda Harvey (formerly Brenda Hayter)


Mar 12
 W A Camwell: addition of Newspaper Article dated March 1956
Mar 5
 Article by the Bank's Chairman (Councillor A H Cooper)
        published in the Birmingham Gazette in 1935
 Feb 28
 Addition of an example of form MB 137 -
     Cashier's Receipt for Cash Received from Branch Manager
 Feb 22
 Extracts from the Minutes of the Bank's Management Committees
 detailing the history relating to the acquisition, construction, and
 refurbishment, etc of property acquired for the Bank's branch network.
 Additional information added regarding Premises uploaded previously,
 Feb 18
 Addition of an image of the whistle issued to branches
 Feb 3
 'My Story' by Home Safe Number 1396
 Feb 2
 Broad Street's First Deposit ....
 .... and the Bank's First Depositor
 Addition of details of the first depositors in the
 - Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank and the
 - Birmingham Municipal Bank
 Jan 18
 Extracts from the Minutes of the Bank's Management Committees
 detailing the history relating to the acquisition, construction, and
 refurbishment, etc of property acquired for the Bank's branch network
 Jan 6
 Details of the staffing positions @ October 1st 1923
     and April 1st 1924